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The global car market has opened up like never before. Buying a car is no longer a status symbol; it is more of a requirement today. Car manufacturers are going out of their way to attract more and more buyers with feature-rich cars and great loan schemes. But a car can be expensive.Not many individuals have the required sum to invest in a new car nor do they have the profile that will allow them to get a loan from a bank or a financial institution. In these cases, the best possible option is to opt for a used car. It does not pinch your pockets much and on the same time, you fulfill your dream of having your own vehicle.So, now that you have decided to go for a used car, let us see some amazing tips that will help you strike the deal in no time at all:Decide your budget and stick to itYes, this is very important. Just because the car experts have said that you need to hike your current budget to get the best possible deal should not impact your budget decision. You can in turn assure the car dealers of getting a better deal within your prefixed budget. Going in a debt just because you can get a better deal is of no use.Check the car during the dayDo not ever make the mistake of going and checking the used car during night time. Often poor visibility makes you end up with a bad deal. It may be the case that you have a full time job and cannot make time to go and check the car anytime during the day. At these times many of the car experts and dealers make the best use of the opportunity and convince you of a car that is not in a very good condition.Do the necessary homeworkNever book a vehicle without performing the necessary homework. You should be aware of all the available models. In addition, you should also be aware of the shortcomings pertaining to the specific models. Buy as many trade magazines as possible and also visit car portals to gain a better understanding of certain parameters. At any time, it is not wise to pay for the oddities just because you have not done your share of home work.Purchase your vehicle from a reputed dealerReputed dealers are definitely the best option when it comes to buying a used car because the cars that these dealers sell have passed all kinds of mechanical checks. Reputed dealers also come with other facilities like car loans.

New Audi TT Awarded 2007 World Car Design of the Year – Cars Magazine

Just recently the new Audi TT was proclaimed as the 2007 World Car Design of the Year toppling twenty-eight other candidates.The judges comprised of renowned motoring journalists from 22 different countries around the world. The panel has reached its verdict and announced the award at the New York International Auto Show over the weekend.The World Car of the Year jurors commended the TT’s new flared wheel arches, sleek silhouette, and signature single frame grille. They said that “while there is a clear connection to the original TT’s Bauhaus styling, the second-generation model evolves it into a more modern form”. The panel of judges has also praised the efforts that Audi has exerted to create “a more spacious, driver-focused cabin.”The 2007 World Car Design of the Year is not the first award that the new Audi TT has received. Its blend of charming design and absolute dynamism has earned the TT awards from BBC Top Gear and What Car? Magazines in Great Britain and another award from ADAC Motorwelt and Auto Bild magazines in Germany.The new Audi TT has also received recognition in Australia. It was awarded Drive Car of the Year by, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald. The new TT is available with a 2.0 TFSI four cylinder engine or with a 3.2 liter six-cylinder engine and Quattro permanent all-wheel-drive.The new Audi TT coupe is longer, wider, and much better equipped than its predecessor but despite its size it is very light. Such remarkable weight reduction is made possible through the use hybrid aluminum/steel ASF (Audi Space Frame) body. Aside from the Audi TT, the Audi RS 4 has also received an award as the 2007 World Performance Car of the Year while the Audi A6 was the inaugural World Car of the Year in 2005.About AudiAudi AG is a German automobile manufacturer base in Ingolstadt, Bavaria and a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen the maker of quality VW water pumps with headquarters at Wolfsburg Germany.Audi is renowned around the world for producing vehicles that don’t only look good but also leads when it comes to performance and power. Audi is the luxury unit of Volkswagen and headed by CEO Rupert Stadler.