Classic Car Restoration: A Labour of Love – Cars Magazine

If you love vintage cars and are looking for a project for your spare time, restoration is a very rewarding hobby. Don’t underestimate how much time you’ll need to dedicate to a vintage car restoration project though: if want to do it at all, you should want to do it right.First things first: buying a vintage car for restoration. Choose something that’s not suffering from any serious damage like severe rust. Ideally, you want something that needs a scrub down, some upgrades and a good polish – not something that’s going to grind you down for years.Think about where you’re going to work on your restoration. Do you have a garage or covered outdoor area? Classic cars need love and care, and don’t take living outdoors too well. You’ll also need the appropriate tools and car parts, so it’s best to get some expert advice before you take on a vintage car restoration you may not be equipped to deal with.When you’re looking for car parts for your restoration, try to research the original items so you know exactly what you’re looking for and the condition it should be in. Talk to several vintage car parts dealers to see what is available and what costs you’re looking at. Always check eBay: there are some fantastic deals on car parts out there, and you could bring down the cost of your restoration project. Classic car magazines are good places to find parts for sale as well, and may even have expert restoration tips to get you going.If you’re hoping to sell your vintage car restoration project after you’ve completed it, bear in mind that you may value your car more than others do. After all, you spent time and effort on restoring your car, so it’s easy to be unrealistic. If you bought your vintage car for the right reasons – you wanted an exciting project and you are passionate about vintage car restoration – then you should be happy just to make your money back. Anything on top of that is a bonus.Obviously, there are plenty of classic car restoration experts out there who would be happy to perfect your car – for a price. Although it’s a lot of money to lay out, think about how much more cost- and time-efficient these guys are. Only commit yourself to a classic car restoration project if you’re sure you have the time and money to complete it. Selling your pride and joy incomplete would be a sorry ending for a classic car restoration project well begun.